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About Me

My name is Natascha Pittauer.

Since I can think I did two things - drawing and gaming.
I got my fist console with three years, a Super Nintendo, and my mother, an artist herself, always supported me with drawing.
One day it clicked with me - I could combine those two things that I love.

I myself identify as a gamer as well as an artist. In both fields I am very open and get my inspiration from all genres and sources I can find.
I feel this leads to unique perspectives and thinking which I actively seek.

Where I come from

Recently I worked on The Lion's Song - a Mi'pu'mi Games original game - primarily as animator but also for art, UI, scripting and in-engine work, marketing assets and did game design consulting;
I did art direction for the Red Bull Mind Games Challenge, a competitive puzzle game as online web-app and an exclusive 4-player multiplayer, each for season one and two;
I worked on Anno Online Tablet, primarily for seasonal modifications for UI and in-game graphics;
I also worked on several unannounced projects - doing illustrations, graphics and graphic design, 3D, webdesign, appdesign, motion design.

Prior to that I did an internship at Wideshot Entertainment;
I worked on concepts for an unannounced Roland Emmerich movie.


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